A weak design will almost certainly deflate the impact of your printed balloon. That’s why Total Balloons have a creative designer on hand to assist in achieving the best result.

If you have a design in mind, but are not a computer guru, just send us your idea as a sketch or in a Word file and we will recreate your artwork so it is compatible with our printing requirements.

Alternatively, if you wish to provide your own artwork, Total Balloons offer some guidelines to ensure maximum print quality.

Ideally, Total Balloons would like artwork files to be supplied in vector EPS format.

However, we will also accept PDF, TIFF and JPEG files supplied at a minimum of 600 dpi.  All artwork should be large enough to fill a 16cm square area.

Due to the low resolution of artwork designed in Microsoft Word or Coral, we cannot accept these files for print use.  We also cannot use files saved in GIF format, in low resolution or images from websites.