Are latex balloons eco-friendly?

We are all about being green (even if you want your balloons to be purple) so we only use latex balloons. Latex is a naturally occurring product, and so latex balloons are 100% bio-degradable and environmentally friendly.

Do the balloons come in different sizes?

They sure do! Our basic balloon size is 30cm or 12 inches in diameter, but we also carry 40cm (16 inch) varieties, and can even print 3-foot balloons for your special event. We also have GIANT balloons at 6-foot indoors or 10-foot outdoors, which can display your message and logo in a major way. Our range includes:

Standard Balloons: available in a variety of bright opaque colours.

Crystal Balloons: available in a variety of colours but are more transparent or see-through.

Pearl Balloons: solid, translucent colours, available in lighter colours only, with a sheen similar to a pearl.

Metallic Balloons: solid translucent colours, available in the bolder shades. They will add a touch of sparkle to your party or promotion.

Are all balloons of helium quality?

All of our balloons are made of top quality latex and are can be inflated with helium for that extra lift.

How long will a helium inflated balloon float for?

You can expect a good eight to ten hours out of your helium-inflated balloon. It will also depend on where you stick them – balloons displayed outdoors or in the sun may not last as long.

How long will and air inflated latex balloon remain inflated for?

A balloon can remain inflated with air for months if placed away from heat and direct sunlight, giving you extra mileage for your campaign.

Is there a minimum print order?

We do have minimums, but they aren’t very big

50 balloons printed in one colour ink, single side of the balloon

100 balloons printed in either two-colour ink on single side, or one-colour ink on either side.

Does the cost of balloons become more economical if I increase the quantity ordered?

Yes, you will definitely get more bang for your buck! The more balloons you order at one time—with the same artwork—the lower the cost of production; making balloons far more economical in larger orders.

How long can store printed balloons for?

Keep them clean, dry and away from light and you should be able to store balloons un-inflated for at least 12 months.

What does ink transfer mean?

When printing dark or red ink onto a light coloured balloon there may be some tiny ink spatters and marks from the printing process. This is called ink transfer. Don’t worry though, once the balloon is fully inflated, you won’t be able to see any marks at all.

What method do you use to print onto the balloons?

Our balloons are printed with a high quality screen-printing method. Over the past 10 years, we have also developed our own inks that are still mixed at our factory.

What is screen-printing?

This process is a very high quality printing finish with solid ink coverage and a good bold text appearance on the inflated balloon. The text should be easily read from a distance.

Can I expect any distortion of print?

A balloon is inflated before printing, creating a curved surface so you may find that particular shapes (square, rectangle and circle) will distort on a fully inflated balloon. As each individual balloon inflates differently the distortion from one balloon to another may occur in different places. For example, the top right of a square may distort on one balloon and then the top left of a square may distort on another. We try to keep this to a minimum and ask for your artwork within a 16cm square to try to eliminate this problem.

Can I have a photo printed on my balloons?

Yes. A clear, high quality photograph can be reproduced on to a balloon in monotone, just like you would see in the black and white pages of a newspaper. This is achieved by using a technique called Stipple. There is a minimum artwork charge for converting your photo into a printable form.

What is stipple?

This is using different thickness of dots to either create the illusion or tones, shades and graduated fills or to differentiate between a dark colour and a light colour within a design if we can only print it as a one-colour print.

Should I have my balloons printed neck down or neck up?

The choice is easy.

“Neck down” is for floating helium filled balloons or for air-inflated balloons that are going on sticks and cups or to be handed out to be self inflated.

“Neck up” is for air-inflated balloons that will be hung from the ceiling or displayed hanging in bunches.

How should I supply my logo or artwork?

We want your balloons to look bang on! In order to get them looking great, we ask our customers to send us their artwork in the highest resolution available. If the resolution is too low, the end result will be saw-toothed and pixilated. Format: An .eps is best for us, but you can also send us a .tif, .jpeg or .pdf. Resolution: We require your image in 600 dpi (dots per inch) or higher to insure a top quality print. Size: Your artwork needs to be within a 16cm square. Should your artwork require redrawing or touch ups, please check if this will incur extra fees.

Can I have artwork designed for me?

Absolutely!  Plain text can be designed for your balloons free of charge. Just send us an email with what you would like your balloons to say. Remember, website URLs can be long, so if you want us to print them try and get ALL the text within the 12 cm requirement. If the text is too low on the balloon (outside the 16 cm) it won’t stretch as much when inflated and it won’t create as much impact. Artwork including photos can be designed for you by our expert Art Department. Please ask for a quote for this service.

How many colours can my artwork be printed in, and can I print on both sides of the balloon?

We can print your balloons with a number of printing options –

One-colour printed on one or both sides

Two-colour on one side, or one-colour ink on one side and a different colour printed on the other side.

Two-colour on both sides.

Two-colour one side and one-colour on the other side.

Three-colour one side of the balloons.

Three-colour one side and one-colour on the second side.

Four spot colours on one side.

One-colour on four sides. Printed on the top of the balloon if required as well.

Can I have a logo in one colour on one side of the balloon and in another colour on the other side?

Yes, we can easily do that for you.

What’s the artwork requirement for a two-colour print?

All artwork must have a 3-5mm gap between ink colours when multi-colour screen-printing. This is due to movement that occurs between each ink colour printing. The balloons are inflated when printing, it prints the first colour and moves to another position to print the second colour – due to the movement that occurs when changing positions this second colour may move up, down, left or right of up to 5mm. This will cause gapping and/ or overlapping when it is not required.

What about artwork proofs?

After receiving your balloon specifications and artwork, we will email (or fax if no email is available) you an Artwork Proof and Tax Invoice for your perusal. When you are happy that everything is as you would want it, you simply sign the proof, including your payment details, and return it to us by email or fax. Production on your balloons can now commence.

Can I get some pre-production samples?

Pre-production samples can be printed for you. Charges and freight expenses plus GST do apply. 5 to 10 samples will be provided, and if no changes are made to the artwork, these charges except for the freight, will be deducted.

Can I have my balloons packed into any size bag and by any quantity?

Normally balloons are packed into bags of 250. We can organize for your balloons to be packed according to your specifications.  These can be packed into bags of separate or mixed colours. This will incur a special packaging charge, so please ask for a quote.

What’s the usual turnaround time?

We try our very best to dispatch your balloons within five working days after artwork approval. We are more than happy to help if time is of the essence though. Please let us know if you have a tight deadline, and we will pull out all stops to help you meet your promotion date.

Do I require ribbons and clips?

If you are inflating your balloons with helium, ribbons and clips will help. The balloon clip is fitted to the neck of the balloon to hold the air in and the ribbon is attached to hold onto or tie together. The pre-tied ribbon and clip is sold as a unit and come in bundles of 100. They are available in a number of attractive colours.

Do I require stick and cups?

If you are inflating your balloons with air, then you might need sticks and cups.  The balloon cup fits on to the neck of the balloon to hold it upright, the stick is inserted into the cup and the balloon looks like a lollipop on a stick. Sticks and cups are an economical way of displaying your printed balloon effectively, without the added cost of helium. Sticks and cups are sold in joint bundles of 100 sticks and 100 cups.